Getting the Word Out: How to Market a Self Storage Business for Maximum Profitability


So, you’ve made the leap into self-storage business ownership—or at least you’re seriously considering it. When it comes to doing business, though, having the service or product ready to go is only half the battle. To be successful and maximize your self-storage business’s profitability, you have to get the word out to prospective customers—making an effective marketing strategy an absolute must in today’s competitive marketplace.

As the premier single-source self storage manufacturer in the U.S. since 1984, we at BETCO thought we’d share a few pointers to help you market your self storage business:

Location, Location…Local 

  • The location of your self storage business will be a big determiner in how profitable you are—and it will also influence how much emphasis you place on direct local marketing in addition to your online digital presence.
  • Most of your renters will hail from within 2 miles of your location, so consider whether the surrounding population and local demographics will support your self storage offering as it is currently set up.
  • Focus on the demographics of your area in order to tailor your unit mix for your specific local market. For example, if you’re in an area with lots of college kids, smaller units will likely be more in demand. On the other hand, if you’re in an area popular with wealthy retirees, you might find a mix of larger, climate-controlled units to be more in demand.
  • Check out the local competition to ensure that you are priced competitively.

Leverage Your Local Networks

When it comes to marketing a self storage business, its important to get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce to get the word out and to create an inbound link to your website. When you first open your doors—or after sprucing up with a self storage remodel or reconfiguration—send a press release to local media and host a ribbon cutting ceremony along with an open house reception. Be sure to invite local business owners and real estate agents, and market directly to local moving companies with personal visits, direct mail, and email.

A few more ideas to consider for the local market include:

  • Direct market to local companies who need volume storage for items like medical records, legal documents, and wine collections
  • Use regionalized TV, radio, and billboards. Consider commercial space at the movies prior to showings
  • Offer customers additional services like packing supplies, complimentary rental trucks, and moving help
  • Invest in business card refrigerator magnets and other novelty items
  • Get active with local nonprofits and sports teams

Enhance Your Visual Appeal

Sometimes, a minor facelift or a few upgraded features are all an established self storage business needs to boost business and bring in new paying customers. Consider how your business stacks up to the local competition in terms of self storage building cosmetics, security presence, and landscaping quality.

  • Do your components and roll-up doors resonate with your overall marketing and color scheme?
  • Does your self storage business’s name fit with your company logo and marketing materials?
  • Is your company’s name clearly, consistently advertised across all signage, and is it memorable and unique?
  • Is your security presence obvious and effective? Are your renters confident that their belongings are protected?
  • Is your landscaping up to snuff? Do you have an irrigation system, and if so, does it keep plants and shrubs looking healthy and well cared for?

Boost Your Digital Presence

Get online and get social. These days, a business without an online presence is basically invisible. Start by creating your business’s website, and link it to your business pages on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Consider sponsored and paid posts to boost visibility, and offer periodic specials to get visitors to your sites to sign up, like, and share your promotions.

  • Send out periodic specials, facility updates, and newsletters to your email list.
  • Create a video for your facility and cross-post it on your website and all social media.
  • Make sure your website is mobile responsive and optimized for local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Consider a paid search marketing campaign on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Today’s marketplace is competitive, but you can stay ahead of the competition with a well thought out marketing plan for your self storage business. If you’re looking for more ways to increase visibility and maximize profitability, contact a BETCO sales expert for a free consultation.