When Choosing a Self-Storage Building Manufacturer, Go Single Source For the Best Investment

If you’re considering the self-storage business, choosing the right self-storage building manufacturer is not as straightforward as it may seem. You’ll want to carefully consider the long-term services offered by your manufacturer beyond the construction phase to truly get a sense of the value of the self-storage structure you are considering. After all, this investment should offer more than just an income source—it should provide you with peace of mind regarding ease of maintenance and parts availability, a reliable warranty, and high-quality building materials.

Using a single-source manufacturer for your self-storage building needs, you are investing in more than a building: you are investing in your self-storage business’ continued ROI, productivity, and overall efficiency for years to come.

Be sure to consider these benefits when deciding on a U.S.-based self-storage building manufacturer:

The Design and Construction Process Should be Under One Roof

  • Understand the length and coverage of warranties that come with the building.
  • Make sure the components are manufactured in-house and replacement parts will be available in the foreseeable future.
  • Inquire about the construction technology in use—these days, you want to be sure you are getting an energy efficient, cost-effective building for the long term.
  • Determine whether the manufacturer offers a collaborative building consultation between your business and the factory during the construction, building design, manufacturing, and shipping phases.
  • Confirm that a direct, in-house representative will be available to you during the entire process from design through build to shipment. This ensures quality control is in place and provides a reliable point of contact for any questions you might have at each stage of the game.

Installation Should be Part of the Deal

Installation should be part of the overall service package. A reputable, full-service self-storage building manufacturer will have the resources and capability to see the entire process through from design to installation at your facility.

  • Verify that your builder can provide certified, professionally trained construction crews once the building process is complete, and be sure to confirm that the manufacturer will work with your schedule to coincide installation with delivery to avoid any potential downtime, loss of profits, and other installation-related business delays.

Reduce Headaches With A Single Source Manufacturer

When choosing a self-storage building manufacturer, a single source provider ensures one point of contact with unmatched industry expertise across the service spectrum, excellent ROI, and long-term peace of mind.

Since 1984, BETCO has provided single source self-storage manufacturing from its Statesville, NC location. Contact the professionals at Betco Inc. to get your self storage facility off the ground.