Case Study: Designing and Building Multi-story Storage


Residential and commercial real estate trends in Mamaroneck, NY (population 29,156), including the buying and selling of homes, downsizing and rising costs of office space, have led to an increase in the need for additional storage space. In 2008, Chris and Sean Murphy, owners of Murphy Brothers Contracting in Mamaroneck, started with the initial research to design and build a multi-story self-storage facility that would meet the increased demand for storage space in their community.

In addition to accommodating the growing demand for self storage, a main goal of the project was to design and build a facility that was energy efficient and sustainable in order to meet the rigorous standards of NYSERDA’s New Construction Program (NCP). The project to build the area’s first “green” self-storage facility would span six years of zoning and planning board commission meetings, designs and re-designs before the Murphy Brothers would break ground in 2014 on what would be the first large-scale new construction project in the Village of Mamaroneck’s Industrial Area Development long-range plan.

Today, Mamaroneck Self Storage is a 40,000 sq. ft. self-storage facility with nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of rentable storage space and 250 mixed units throughout four-stories. The new construction boasts energy-saving features that include: high-performance spray foam insulation; high-efficiency HVAC equipment with variable frequency flow heat pumps for heating/cooling and a 65% efficient energy recovery ventilation system; interior and exterior LED lighting on motion sensors; and an 8 kw solar shingle system.

According to NYSERDA, these features make Mamaroneck Self Storage 52% more energy efficient over standard baseline construction, with an annual operating cost savings of $35,000. The energy-saving measures also earned a $45,000 rebate from NYSERDA and a sales tax incentive from Westchester County.

Murphy Brothers Contracting chose to work with BETCO Inc., a single source self storage manufacturer offering engineering, design, manufacture and installation of single, bi-level and multi-story buildings. BETCO, which works with new and existing self storage owners to provide education and support through every step, recently opened a design office staffed with certified engineers in Charlotte, NC, to meet the growing demand for multi-story self storage construction throughout the U.S. BETCO’s single source capabilities were not only a good fit for the overall project scope, but were also able to help Murphy Brothers Contracting overcome several challenges along the way.

According to Chris Murphy, Murphy Brothers Contracting President and Mamaroneck Self Storage builder and co-owner, a chief factor in the decision to choose BETCO was their willingness to work on the project from the early design phase.

“When we called, they returned our calls in a timely manner, every time,” Chris explained. “Some companies never got back to us. In our high-end residential and commercial construction business that form of silence means you lose the job.” “Mamaroneck Self Storage was a ‘design/ build’ project from the get-go,” Chris continued. “As general contractors, we knew that to bring the project in on time and on budget, we would require BETCO to work with us just like any of the subcontractor crews that have been with us on our residential and commercial projects for years. And they performed admirably both on the design board and in the field.” Murphy Brothers Contracting is an award-winning construction firm, known throughout their region for building beautifully designed custom homes, renovations and private clubs as well as custom cabinetry and millwork. Even with more than three decades in the construction business, building a self storage facility was somewhat new to Murphy Brothers Contracting. BETCO’s responsiveness, knowledge and expertise helped to get the project off the ground. “During the Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.53.40 AMconsultation phase, BETCO was very responsive to our questions, as we were green to the process,” Sean Murphy, Murphy Brothers Contracting VP and Mamaroneck Self Storage co-owner explained. “BETCO also supplied timely input through all the many local planning and zoning board-required changes.” BETCO’s design team was also able to work with the Murphy Brothers’ architect, Kim Martelli, and offer practical solutions, no matter how complicated the problems. One particular problem, according to Murphy, was the weather. “We’re builders,” Sean explained. “We understand the construction process from ground-breaking to commissioning. BETCO’s crew began their work just as we hit the hardest part of the winter, one of the harshest in a decade.” Not only was BETCO’s crew able to “motor through” with very little downtime despite harsh winter weather conditions, but BETCO’s team of designers, builders and installers were able to adhere to the energy-efficiency and self-sustainability standards that were such an important project goal. NY Manufacturers Agent for BETCO Inc. Henry Tracz, said this aspect of the project was unusual, but not beyond the capabilities of BETCO’s team. “This project provided BETCO with a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities, Tracz explained. “We went above and beyond, completing it in a timely manner and during severe weather conditions. We were lucky to have such a marvelous crew.” “Their install team was top notch,” added Chris Murphy. “Alex, the crew chief, was very knowledgeable with high problem-solving skills – the kind of professional I like to work with. I’d like to hire him to work in my own construction company.”

Completion of Mamaroneck Self Storage is Phase One of the Murphy brothers’ greater vision to build an additional 60,000 sq. ft. facility on site. The second construction will boast an additional 40,000 sq. ft. of self-storage space, in addition to housing Murphy Brothers Contracting’s new offices. BETCO will continue working on the project to offer its consultation, design, manufacturing and installation services.

About Murphy Brothers Contracting
Murphy Brothers Contracting is owned and operated by brothers and partners, Chris and Sean Murphy. Celebrating their 37th year in the construction business, Murphy Brothers is known throughout Westchester County for building beautifully designed custom homes and picture-perfect whole home renovations as well as distinctive light commercial projects. We are headquartered in Mamaroneck, NY, just a few blocks from our original headquarters, the basement of the family home, and employ 45 local women and men. Learn more at

About Mamaroneck Self Storage
Mamaroneck Self Storage is a 40,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled facility, owned and operated by Chris and Sean Murphy of Murphy Brothers Contracting, and located at 426 Waverly Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY. Our facility is a new construction that is squeaky-clean and uses state-of-the-art technology including FAB Key controlled access to enter the facility, large hydraulic elevators for customer use, motion activated lighting, and much more. Built to meet the rigorous energy-efficiency and sustainability standards of NYSERDA’s New Construction Program, our facility is close to 60% more efficient over baseline standard construction. Learn more at

About BETCO Inc.
BETCO was founded in 1984, with a vision — to become the premier self storage manufacturer in the industry. From the beginning, BETCO’s focus was the design, engineering and production of durable metal self storage buildings. Today, BETCO is a single source self storage manufacturer offering engineering, design, manufacture and installation of single, bi-level and multi-story buildings, conversions, refurbishing older facilities, boat and RV buildings, portables and component sales. Over its history, BETCO has designed and constructed more than 60 million square feet of storage buildings. Learn more at


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