General Purpose Metal Buildings

BETCO offers the highest-quality steel buildings for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural use with standard features and options that will provide you with the exact building you need.

24′ x 24′ Garage
(Interior Photos & Features)
24′ x 24′ Garage/Work Shop
(Interior Photos & Features)

16′ x 18′ Garage/Work Shop
(Interior Photos & Features)

8′ x 10′ Utility Shed
(Interior Photos & Features)

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We offer 5 basic buildings and 5 basic eave heights.


Standard Building Dimensions
Building Size:
ft. (W) X ft. (L)
16 ft. wide X 18 ft. long*
Eave Height:

20 ft. wide X 24 ft. long*24 ft. wide X 24 ft. long*

30 ft. wide X 30 ft. long*

40 ft. wide X 42 ft. long*
* Additional lengths available in increments of 6′ Email:

All buildings available
in Eave Heights of:

8’ 6”


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