Quality Design Wins Support for Self-Storage Facilities


Municipal approval of self-storage facility projects has its ups and downs. In one community, the local city council may turn down a request to build a self-storage facility. In another, it may heartily say “Yes.”

The answer to why one proposal succeeds and the other fails may be as simple as right place, right design. To get a zoning board, council and residents to support a project, it’s important to select a location that is good for the community as well as your company. An attractive, well-landscaped facility design is also key to acceptance.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Here are some examples of green lights and roadblocks that self-storage companies have encountered nationwide.

Design Wins in North Carolina. Despite wavering at first, Cary, North Carolina’s city council in August 2016 approved construction of a new self-storage facility near its downtown.

Design quality similar to an upscale office building, climate controlled units, video surveillance and the developer’s willingness to meet extra requirements — restrictions on size (500 units) and noise — split the council’s vote in the developer’s favor.

Illinois Approves Mixed Use. Last July, the city council of Woodstock, Illinois, agreed to rezone a prime piece of real estate for a mixed use commercial project including up to 600 self-storage units, a popular big box store, and a small amount of restaurant and small retail space.

However, a year earlier, Woodstock’s council had turned down the developer’s first pitch, which had supplemented the storage facility with a gas station and convenience store. In particular, some council members were concerned about environmental impact of installing fuel tanks at the site, which is near the city’s river.

Lesson learned? Mixed use makes storage projects more appealing, but the mix has to be right.

Saying No in Colorado. In the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado, the local city council in August 2017 turned down a rezoning request by a national self-storage company. The proposed site for new construction of an 800-unit facility would have abutted a river greenbelt.

Littleton’s council almost unanimously opposed the project. As one council member noted, the facility wouldn’t support the area’s focus on “recreation, retail, entertainment and housing.”

Design that Fits

Writing at Inside Self-Storage (ISS) magazine, architectural and planning services expert Mark J. Sullivan reports that better design is improving acceptance of self-storage facilities in the densely populated neighborhoods that provide the customer convenience and foot traffic necessary for success.

Sullivan notes that developers are learning they need to blend storage facilities with the neighborhoods in which they are located. He adds that the facilities also need to provide a “clean, open and bright aesthetic with retail-like characteristics.”

Attractive, sturdy construction — whether multiple or single story — wins over customers as well as councils and surrounding communities. Inside Self Storage offers a slideshow of industry trends, such as beast-to-beauty makeovers of storage businesses that once were eyesores and clubhouses for customers at high-end facilities housing RVs.

New Multi-Story Focus

Multi-story structures are a growing focus in the self-storage industry due to decreasing building sites and increasing land costs in urban areas. That’s why BETCO opened a multi-story design center in Charlotte, North Carolina, more than a year ago. BETCO is a single source, self-storage producer from consultation and design to manufacturing and construction. Contact us today to meet your needs and those of the communities you serve.


John Barnard, Inside Sales Manager, BETCO, Inc.
228 Commerce Road, Statesville, NC 28625

How to Make Your Self-Storage Facility Eco-friendly

Spending on construction in the self-storage industry has grown rapidly in the last two years, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics reported by SpareFoot Storage Beat in September.

The industry spent about $200 million in 2016 and is on track to exceed $280 million this year. While those statistics illustrate growing demand for self-storage, they also indicate the competition to come. One major way self-storage owners can improve business sustainability is by building and retrofitting storage facilities to be more environmentally sustainable.

As the market grows, so does consumer interest in supporting businesses that are striving to go green. Here some ways to make your self-storage business more eco-friendly from construction materials to consumer education.

Build Green & Tight

Galvalume® treated steel prevents corrosion leading to leaks and an unsightly appearance. Customers may be hesitant to rent units that appear rusty. Sturdy materials and regular maintenance prevent deterioration that results in water, temperature and pest damage to stored goods.

Speaking of pests, steel deters termites. Make sure insulation is sufficient to help regulate temperature in units. Rigid foam insulation containing non-toxic borates — the stuff in borax soap — also discourages pests.

Provide Climate & Energy Control

Efficient roofing is another aspect of successful steel construction. Coatings containing a high percentage of infrared reflectants help metal roofs maintain better, more stable temperatures inside storage units. A cool finish reduces a roof’s surface temperature by up to 38 degrees F and saves on energy costs by about 23 percent.

Energy usage also decreases with the installation of solar panels, LED lighting and sensor-embedded smart technologies, such as thermostats remotely controlled by computers. Lower energy use translates to financial savings for both the business and customers.

Conserve & Control Runoff

Communities surrounding self-storage facilities want good business neighbors that maintain an attractive, clean environment. They also want new development that doesn’t greatly increase the strain on water and sewer systems.

Eco-friendly strategies include decreasing the amount of treated water used for landscaping and increasing consumption of runoff water. Landscaping thrives on gray water, and research shows that plants cleanse toxins from runoff. Xeriscape is a landscaping technique that thrives on runoff. It’s based on attractive plants that can handle plentiful moisture as well as drought.

Another matter to consider regarding gray water, is that local zoning laws may require construction projects to avoid increasing runoff and to install leaching fields.

Finally, when designing plantings, remember that keeping them away from storage units will also keep rodents and insects away.

Educate Customers about Safety

Another way to create a clean, safe storage environment is to educate customers about what kinds of materials not to stow in their units. For example, food may attract insects that can damage other goods. And storing combustible materials — including paints and solvents — is hazardous. Also, anything that may leak toxic chemicals can harm air quality in a storage facility.

Also, providing clearly marked and well-managed bins for recyclables — including potential dangers, such as auto batteries, helps customers and reduces garbage.

Conserve Your Effort

Here’s one last thought: As the owner of a self-storage business you need to conserve your energy when involved in new construction or improvement of property. Hiring a single source self-storage specialist helps. BETCO provides consultation, design, building, manufacturing and installation services. Contact us today to help you create a sustainable, attractive facility.


John Barnard, Inside Sales Manager, BETCO, Inc.
228 Commerce Road, Statesville, NC 28625

What Does BETCO’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification Mean for You?

Quality. It’s one of the three big promises in the business world: quality, service and delivery. And quality certainly is one of the cornerstones of BETCO’s business as a single-source self-storage building manufacturer. We couldn’t have manufactured and installed more than 60 million square feet of storage buildings since we began business in 1984 if we didn’t focus on quality, as well as offering both newcomers to the storage industry and existing owners business education and support.
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Self-Storage Building Manufacturer BETCO Earns ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

STATESVILLE, NC — BETCO, Inc., a single-source self-storage building manufacturer based in Statesville, NC, has announced that it has earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation, the international gold standard for quality management systems. The International Organization for Standardization issues the ISO 9001:2015 certification to organizations like BETCO that demonstrate the ability to provide products and services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements by conforming to internationally accepted standards of quality.

“We are the first manufacturer to receive the ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design, manufacture and installation management of self storage buildings,” explained Sam Sabri, Owner, BETCO, Inc. “This designation means we were able to optimize our internal processes to ensure our customers a great experience.”

The ISO 9001:2015 designation is the culmination of a more than a year-long process focusing on performance and accountability. To earn this accreditation, BETCO documented and reviewed their organization’s structure, responsibilities, and procedures and focused on increasing their quality by streamlining, organizing and improving the efficiency of their quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

BETCO is not required to hold this accreditation — the company voluntarily invested significant time and financial resources to ensure that when customers choose from its full array of self-storage products and services, they are receiving the very best.

BETCO, Inc. has constructed more than 60 million square feet of storage buildings since its founding in 1984. BETCO has grown to become the premier single-source self-storage building manufacturer, providing a full array of self-storage products and services, project management, building design, manufacturing, shipping and installation.

BETCO has a network of experienced, professional sales consultants throughout the United States. Call 1-800-654-7813 or visit www.betcoinc.com to find a BETCO sales representative near you.

John Barnard, Inside Sales Manager, BETCO, Inc.
228 Commerce Road, Statesville, NC 28625

Getting the Word Out: How to Market a Self Storage Business for Maximum Profitability


So, you’ve made the leap into self-storage business ownership—or at least you’re seriously considering it. When it comes to doing business, though, having the service or product ready to go is only half the battle. To be successful and maximize your self-storage business’s profitability, you have to get the word out to prospective customers—making an effective marketing strategy an absolute must in today’s competitive marketplace.
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Flexibility in Design Using BETCO’s Customizable Self Storage Partition Walls


Customers change—and over time, so do their self storage needs. When you first design your self storage building for a specific locale or demographic, you choose a unit mix and self storage partition walls that are responsive to your understanding of the local market. sl This unique feature is exclusively available on BETCO’s single-story, Premium Series buildings.

With BETCO’s customizable self storage partition walls, you’ll have the convenience of movable, interlocking joints that allow unit mix and unit sizes to be modified as necessary. With our industry-leading Screw Guard Trim Package running along the top and bottom of partition walls, “snag” points are eliminated—keeping tenants and their property safe from injury and damage.

BETCO’s self storage partition walls provide the following benefits:

  • Industry-leading single source design, engineering, and installation.
  • Customized hallway systems are available in high-durability paint finishes in brilliant white with a 40-year film integrity warranty.
  • Components are always built with durable, high-quality materials that resist the damage that occurs when lighter-gauge materials are used in high-traffic situations.
  • Customizable interior self storage partition walls built with interlocking Pittsburgh Lock Seams to provide superior strength and durability. Self storage partition walls are built from panels that are 30” wide and made of 28-gauge, acrylic-coated galvanized or Galvalume® steel. Horizontal partitions are used in some instances as necessary.
  • Fully adjustable, movable partitions allow unit sizes to be easily changed as necessary.
  • Tenants and their property are kept safer with BETCO’s industry-leading Screw Guard Trim Package. Customizable vertical interior partitions and top-and-bottom screw guard channels contain screw tips that prevent “snagging” and come with a 20-year warranty.

Whether you are considering a renovation, conversion, or an upgrade to a climate-controlled building—or you just want to add customizable interior corridors to your facility—BETCO’s Premium Series adjustable self storage partition walls door & hallway systems are the answer.

For More Than Three Decades— U.S. Self Storage Manufacturer BETCO is Still Going Strong

Since 1984, BETCO has been dedicated to manufacturing industry-leading galvanized steel self storage buildings in addition to roll up doors and their components. Our commitment to becoming the premier U.S. self storage manufacturer means our products and services are always built with the highest attention to detail and the most exceptional service in the industry. We are proud to continue the tradition of designing, building, and servicing our self storage buildings in the U.S. today.

single-source-flowchartSingle-Source U.S. Self Storage Manufacturer Means Everything You Need Under One Roof

Our vision began more than thirty years ago, when we set our sights on becoming the premier single-source self storage manufacturer in the industry, with the ultimate goal of providing our customers with everything they need for their self storage business under one roof.

Since then, we have become an industry leader in the self storage industry with over 60 million square feet of self storage installed across the country. Our top priority is to provide the highest-quality services and products that bring the best value to our loyal customers.

At BETCO, Our History Repeats Itself—and That’s a Good Thing

Since the very beginning, we aimed to be 100% made in the USA. In 1989, we built our first 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Statesville N.C. With the introduction of our “New Generation” building in 1994, things really took off.

  • We began offering our 20-Year Warranty on pre-painted surfaces
  • We began building with “Galvalume,” the most corrosion-resistant steel in the industry
  • We started offering our “Screw Guard” package to eliminate interior snag points from exposed fasteners

Our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence as a U.S. self storage manufacturer led us to develop a Research & Development Department in 1996, where we continue to research and enhance existing products and develop new ways to improve our single-source self storage products and services.

Today, BETCO’s self storage buildings, roll up doors and components are manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant in North Carolina, using only the finest materials, latest innovations in machine technology, and most efficient manufacturing processes. We are committed to keeping our services and products under one roof and built right here in the U.S. We believe this commitment allows us to provide exceptional Quality Control and to continue our goal of being the premier U.S. self storage manufacturer for decades to come.

If you’d like more information on BETCO’s industry-leading self storage buildings, contact our expert self storage consultants for a free consultation.

BETCO Professional Sales Consultants: Full Service Support From Day One


When you’re just getting started with a new self-storage project—whether it’s a new project, a renovation, or a large new multi-story facility—you need a single-source manufacturer with a dedicated support team to protect your best interests. BETCO offers an internal sales team with years’ of experience in helping to get buildings off the ground, and has seen over 60 million square feet of self-storage built by the company. They are with you every step of the way to help provide useful advice and support and to minimize any issues that could be costly or slow the process.

BETCO also offers in-house project management. Our team is skilled at managing your project from design, to engineering, to manufacturing, shipping and installation. Our customer support team understands that when it comes to self-storage, time is money—and our mission is to help you become functional and profitable as soon as possible.

BETCO’s Sales Team Offers Nationwide Support

We are a national company with a local presence—and a representative of our sales team is willing and able to travel to meet you at your location to discuss your specific needs. BETCO’s experienced sales representatives can help determine the right building for your unique property and make suggestions to maximize your earning potential. As a single-source manufacturer, BETCO supports you with our industry-leading warranties for years to come.

BETCO’s Single-Source Manufacturing Provides Over Three Decades of Experience

When you deal with a single-source manufacturer, you are putting your self-storage business in expert hands from the very beginning. The BETCO team has more than three decades of experience guiding and assisting both newcomers and existing business owners in the self-storage business process. Whether you need renovations or replacement parts for your existing facility or you’re looking to build new, BETCO is ready to help—and you’ll never have to deal with a host of suppliers since we are your point of contact for all phases of the manufacturing process. With full-service sales and support from your single-source self-storage manufacturer, BETCO’s expert sales team will help you start saving time money from day one. Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation in your area and to get started with your self-storage investment today.

When You Build Your Self-Storage Project With BETCO, You Have Access to a Surety Bonding Guarantee

Like any business, the self-storage industry isn’t immune to natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. Many self-storage customers choose their self-storage manufacturer based on job completion references and reputation…but references and reputation won’t help in the event of an unanticipated disaster.

What Requirements is BETCO Subject to for Surety Bonding?

In order to ensure that every BETCO contract gets fulfilled—even during natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances beyond its control—BETCO chose to undergo a rigorous screening process with Great American Surety to provide extra performance assurance for its customers. This screening process required BETCO to meet or exceed the following benchmarks:

  • AM Best Rating– A+ (Superior)
  • Standard & Poor’s Rating– A+
  • Moody’s Rating– A1

In addition to the stringent rating system above, BETCO is required to show excellent character, capacity, and capital to include the capacity to perform; financial strength; an excellent track record and company history; transparent organizational structure and reporting; business continuity planning, and trade references:

  • Character— Possess excellent corporate ethics and standards
  • Capacity—Have the financial ability to perform based on past results
  • Capital—Have the financial wherewithal to meet and exceed obligations

With such rigorous requirements, not every contractor qualifies to be backed by a surety company. BETCO is one of the few self-storage building manufacturers to offer the extra security of a surety bond, and the assurance that all jobs and contracts subject to the surety will be completed as promised.


What Can a BETCO Surety Bond Do For My Business?

surety-bondA surety or contract bond provides BETCO’s customers with an extra level of protection in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstance. Contracts executed with BETCO subject to surety bonding mean BETCO’s customers are protected no matter what, pursuant to the surety bond. For a premium not to exceed 1.5% of the overall contract price, BETCO is proud to offer its customers the following options to guarantee performance and a clean title at job completion:

  • Performance Bond– Guarantees to the self-storage building owner that the building will be built in accordance with all plans and specifications as provided in the contract.
  • Payment Bond– Protects the self-storage building owner from any financial obligations to vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors under the contract, as such obligations are guaranteed under the surety bond. This means that BETCO customers have access to the surety that provides a lien free and clean title according to the contract.

Surety-bonded BETCO self-storage customers may also benefit from a smoother transition from construction to permanent financing as well as a lower overall cost of construction.

As an industry leader in single-source self-storage manufacturing, BETCO is proud to offer this protection to its self-storage customers. Customers can rest assured that Great American Surety backs BETCO as a well-managed, profitable enterprise that practices fair dealing and consistently performs obligations and contracts as agreed.

If you’d like more information on the benefits of building or expanding your self-storage business with BETCO backed by the extra assurance of industry-leading surety bonding, contact the self-storage experts at BETCO for more information.



First Impressions: Upgrading Your Self-Storage Facility for Increased Value and a Better Bottom Line

They say first impressions are everything—and in a business that revolves around keeping customer’s valuables safe and secure, this old adage couldn’t be more appropriate.

When It Comes to Self-storage, Appearance is Everything

One of the most popular pieces of advice that customers receive when deciding on a self-storage facility is to look for a property that is in excellent cosmetic condition. Customers typically zero in on facility appearance, maintenance, and obvious security features when choosing between similarly priced self-storage options:

Surveillance System: A modern surveillance system is a necessity, and preferably one with live video streaming so you can monitor it remotely. Customers will expect the alarm system to be reliable and the number of security cameras to provide adequate coverage.

Perimeter Fence: Is your entire perimeter fenced in? Are there damaged areas that require repair, such as rust and corrosion, holes, and broken fence posts? Perimeter fencing in good condition is one of the first things a customer takes note of when evaluating your premises for security.

Entrance Gate: How modern is your access gate? Does it operate with a keypad or an old-school lock and key? Most importantly, does it operate smoothly when an authorized party attempts to access it? An unreliable gate is a sure sign of facility neglect.

Individual Unit Doors: In addition to the entrance points to the facility itself, a thorough customer will also look closely at individual unit doors to assess whether they appear sturdy and secure. Make sure all doors are operating properly and check for paint condition; you don’t want chalky paint rubbing off on customer’s hands—it’s a sure sign of neglect.

Check for visible defects, dents, or broken and/or missing hardware, and evaluate all door seams for cosmetic appearance, aging, and weatherization. To ensure units are leak proof and that ventilation is sound, examine storage unit floors and walls for any evidence of moisture collection or damage.

Since the condition of an individual door unit is one of the most obvious signs that a customer’s valuables will be secure, this is one of those areas that shouldn’t be overlooked during the refurbishing of your self-storage building. Replacement self storage doors and roll up door components are not only an excellent investment- they provide an immediate bang for your buck when it comes to providing a cosmetic upgrade to your facility.

 Fire Prevention: Most customers will take note of fire prevention equipment—and the lack of it. Make sure that all fire pulls, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems are current (not expired) and not doing double-duty as clothes hangers and cobweb collectors.

 Insurance: Make sure all relevant insurance is current and up-to-date with adequate coverage to protect customers and their valuables.

 Evaluate Your Self-Storage Facility Like a Customer

Double-check the condition of all obvious exterior building features, such as columns, bollards, headers, downspouts, and trim—as these areas can really date a facility when they are in need of cosmetic attention. If your facility has exterior wood components or on-site painted surfaces, you may want to consider replacement with pre-painted metal panels and trim. Outdated, corrugated, or rusted metal roofing should be replaced with single-seam commercial roofing for the best overall appearance and value.

 Follow this checklist to get a better idea of where your facility stands in terms of a customer perspective:

 Cleanliness of facility: Is your building clean and tidy? Are there trash issues that need to be dealt with? The overall appearance of cleanliness is a big indicator of value to a prospective customer—they want to know that the company and its management take pride in their facility, so they can feel confident that their valuables will receive the same treatment.

Building appearance: Do any metal panels have noticeable defects, corrosion, or peeling paint? All of these conditions suggest neglect and customers will associate the oversight with the quality of your facility in general.

Illumination: Is the lighting throughout the entire facility sufficient for the safety of customers and loading/unloading activities? Quality lighting speaks volumes about whether a facility takes security and safety seriously.

Parking lot striping: This is one of the most often overlooked measures of quality in a self-storage facility—especially one that rents parking spaces for boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Be sure the striping in your parking lot is up to snuff, brightly colored, and where appropriate, marked handicap-accessible.

Check Out The Competition to See What You’re Up Against

When considering whether to refurbish or upgrade your facility, it might help to check out your competitors’ properties. If the competition looks pristine and makes your facility look a bit worse for wear, it’s probably time to consider a few upgrades to stay relevant.

 Refurbishing isn’t just about cosmetics, after all. It can revitalize your facility, but it can also improve your bottom line and level the playing field against your competition. With more market appeal and an increased facility value, your business will likely see enhanced occupancy and be in a position to command higher rents.

Refurbishing With Roll-Up Doors and Components by BETCO

BETCO has been in business since 1984 and is an industry leader in self-storage manufacturing and installation.

 BETCO manufactures all the components you need to bring your self-storage facility to pristine condition, including steel roll up doors, metal roofing, trim options, siding, wall panels, and customized metal parts. BETCO offers roll-up doors to fit all brands of self-storage buildings. BETCO only offers refurbishing with BETCO components to existing customers.

Self-storage facility refurbishing with components from single-source manufacturer BETCO could be the key to staying profitable in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. 

 If you’d like more information on roll up doors or refurbishment of your BETCO self-storage facility for maximum ROI and value, contact BETCO’s refurbishing team for a consultation.